The Story Of

Choi kimchi

Choi kimchi came to life from a nostalgic memory. A memory of togetherness and love through food that grandmother Choi put onto every meal table. The memory of the anticipations of tasting grandma Choi’s fresh kimchi from her bare, peppery hands, crouched on the floor (a classic grandma kimchi squat), and the anticipated look on her face to know how it tastes. ‘Shall I season it more? Or is it good enough?’. These were important questions that would potentially impact the family’s meal table for a whole winter season. Because who wants to eat under-seasoned kimchi all winter long anyway? 

Choi Kimchi represents the flavors of Korea recreated from the memories of a Korean-Iranian granddaughter who learned about the meaning of true love through food. As funny as that may sound, both Iran and Korea are big food cultures. ‘Have you eaten?’ is a simple way of expressing care and compassion. Food, among other things, has been, and still is the most strong binding factor between cultures and people. Choi Kimchi aims to bring togetherness to your meal tables by shedding light on thousands of years of kimchi fermenting traditions. With this, we hope to spark curiosity, interest and conversations about the origins of food, how the flavors developed and why it is still loved by so many around the world. To enjoying food consciously and to make new memories with your loved ones.